tilde pro premium headsettilde pro premium headset

Tilde Pro ANC Office Headset (BNETPNCOH)

£341.94 Incl. VAT



Tilde Pro Premium ANC office headset for the best noise-free communication and calls.

The patented active noise-cancelling technology (ANC) offers noise cancelling up to -30dB for noise-free communication and calls in loud environments.

The Tilde Pro ensure crystal clear calls, even in noisy spaces. The conversation is totally noise-free on both ends of the line. This ensures confidential calls for you and the person you’re calling with.

Tilde Pro also uses a unique signal processing algorithm that separates voice from noise. With one press you start a face-to-face conversation while ambient noises stay turned down.

The Tilde Pro is very suitable for employees in call centers or people who frequently call in busy office environments. The biggest problem is tackled with this headset, namely that you cannot speak to customers clearly because there are many disturbing ambient noise. It is very annoying for both parties. With the Tilde Pro this problem does not exist!


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