Tilde Air ANC Open Workspaces HeadsetTilde Air ANC Open Workspaces Headset

Tilde Air ANC Open Workspaces Headset (BNETNCHBT)

£273.54 Incl. VAT



The Tilde Air Premium is a headset intended for workers in open workspaces and offices.

This allows you to adapt ambient sounds in an adaptable manner and to communicate sound-free and / or to work concentrated.

In a loud office environment, there is max 60-65 dB sound. This is approximately 45dB for a meeting or conversations on the work floor. The Tilde Air can reduce this noise to a maximum of 30 dB. You will still hear colleagues talking in the background, but a reduction of 30dB is more than enough to focus (again).

How does this technology work? Active noise canceling (ANC) technology: Sound is a wave. ANC sends the opposite signal to your brain, making your brain think there is no (less) sound.


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