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Why choose a Sit-Stand desk

Sit-stand Desks

As more and more of us are either voluntarily or are being asked by our employees to work from home, it’s essential that we remain as active as possible during our, more often than not, longer working days.

Why choose a sit-stand desk?

To encourage this activity, the use of sit-stand desks, has been scientifically proven to improve your productivity, concentration and increase your creativity. The reason for this, is whilst you are standing up, some of the body’s largest muscles are working, so this increases blood flow to the brain. Therefore, standing improves the way we feel and improves the way we work. It has also been found that sit-stand desks have the ability to increase productivity from up to 10-20%.

As well as becoming more productive, sit-stand desks will lead to much better health than those who sit for an extensive period of time.

Standing requires the use of more muscles, so it’s no surprise that you burn more calories whilst using a sit-stand desk due to the increase in blood flow.

Sit-stand desks don’t just have long term benefits, as they are also extremely beneficial in the short term for the body. Standing helps prevent a harmful build-up of sugars and fats in your blood, as a result workers who stand more have better energy levels and concentration.

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